Happy Birthday to You

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A copyright filed by the Summy Co. in 1935 granted the rights to specific piano arrangements of the music only, not the actual song.


Civil Conspiracy

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Agreement to commit a wrong (tort) against the plaintiff.


28-years for Former Head of Peanut Corporation of America

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federal jury convicted Parnell on 71 criminal counts that included conspiracy, obstruction of justice and introduction of adulterated food.


California Code of Civil Procedure 664.6

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A 664.6 motion enters judgment upon and oral or written agreement when no judgment has yet been entered. In other words, someone gets cold feet.


Can spouse inherit if we have been separated for years?

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Can spouse inherit if we have been separated for years?


Payments Made Toward Separate Property House

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QUESTION: During our marriage, community funds were used to pay down principal, property taxes, and make major renovations and upgrades on residence owned by Petitioner prior to the marriage.


Rowan County Clerk to Appear in Federal Court

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Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk is scheduled to appear before a federal judge this morning for a hearing on whether she should be held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. The judge ordered Kim Davis and her deputies to appear in court this morning. Four couples who were refused marriage license are asking the judge "to impose financial penalties sufficiently serious and increasingly onerous to compel Davis' immediate compliance without further delay."


Federal Judge Vacates Brady’s Suspension

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A federal judge vacates Tom Brady's four-game suspension over his role in "deflate-gate."


Warrant Clause Permits Collection of Officers' DNA Evidence

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The Warrant Clause permits collection of DNA Evidence by Mouth Swap to Exclude Officers as Contributors of DNA at a Crime Scene.


New Olive Oil Labeling Laws

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“If olive oil uses ‘California’ on the label, then 100 percent of the oil must be from olives grown in California. There must be truth in labeling,” Wolk said.