Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice replaces the tradition adversarial approach.  Instead of lines in the sand backed by threats, the Collaborative approach brings the dissolution to a close respectfully. Collaborative Practices meets the needs of both spouses, the children, and builds skills to maintain a relationship that survives the marriage.  The Collaborative approach still involves legal counsel, but it eliminates the threat of or fear of court intervention.  The Collaborative approach uses a team approach based on the needs of the each person involved and encourages creative problem solving.   The team may include a neutral financial specialist, a family relationship specialist (Divorce Coach), and child specialists, as needed.  The goal of the experts and the attorneys is to educate the parties and explore settlement options to meet the needs the parties and their children.

History indicates that the collaborative process may cause more satisfaction and better outcome for children.  Parties who dissolved their marriage collaboratively are more likely to resolve future issues amicably and much less likely to return to court to litigate future issues.

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