I bring over 20-years of experience in developmental services to my Collaborative Practice.  A Collaborative dissolution replaces the tradition adversarial approach that is ill-suited to most dissolutions.

Instead of lines in the sand backed by threats, the Collaborative process brings the dissolution to a close respectfully. My Collaborative Practice meets the needs of both spouses, the children, and builds skills to maintain a relationship that survives the marriage.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Dissolution is a legal process.  Therefore, the Collaborative approach must still involve legal counsel, but it eliminates the threat of or fear of court intervention.  The Collaborative approach uses a team approach based on the needs of the each person involved and encourages creative problem solving.

I would love to discuss the collaborative approach to dissolution with you.  Please contact my office at 805-233-7640  or [email protected] to schedule a consultation to see how I, and the collaborative idea, may assist you into the next chapter of your life.