Dissolution is the legal process of ending a lawful marriage. The division of property, custody/placement of children, spousal and child support and other related issues are covered by the Divorce Judgment.

Pathways to Dissolution (Options)

There are several procedural models or methods that may be used. The differences between each method relates to the involvement of an attorney and the court.  Each issue that must be resolved may be resolved by agreement, which is then approved by the court) or if the parties cannot come to an agreement, a trial will be necessary where a judge will decide each issue.

The legal system is by design adversarial.  Not long ago, non-adversarial options that focused on minimizing conflict were unavailable divorcing couples. Today, a couple can choose the process best suited to their situation, including mediation and collaborative practice. These options are less adversarial than traditional litigation.

California Dissolution Options:

Traditional (Litigation)          Collaborative