Q: Why Collaborative?

By Schonauer Law on May 18, 2020 at 07:23 AM in Collaborative

Q: Why Collaborative?

A: Because it is the smart choice

Most turn to the courts and judges to end their divorce without knowing there is a better, smarter, way to begin a new life.  Why let a judge, a stranger, into your home to make decisions about you and your children, when the decision about what life looks like after marriage can be completely yours?  By ending your marriage collaboratively, you protect your family, you maintain control, and nothing will come as a surprise.   

Your Collaborative Team provides the expertise, both legally and financially.  Mental health professionals will work as your coach and support as you team works to help you through a healthy, congenial, intelligent approach to divorce.

You Have A Choice.  Call today to schedule a collaborative divorce consultation or read more at

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