Don't Litigate

By Schonauer Law on Sep 23, 2019 at 05:29 PM in Collaborative

Even the best judge, under the best of circumstances, cannot make decisions about that which will impact your life with fidelity to your values, your spouse's value, and fairness to your family.  This why the first objective of a dissolution is to not litigate a dissolution.  Rather, a collaborative process is hands-down the best option in many circumstances.  And when it is not, collaborative-lite or mediation provides a much healthier methodology and end result.

An unavoidable aspect of any divorce is the division of property and finances.  Litigating these issues could involve multiple experts with opinions about what property is worth, who are then examined and cross-examined by attorney’s who will try to leverage any crack to advantage – This all happens at great expense to litigants involved. 

The collaborative dissolution or divorce involves a Financial Neutral.  The Financial neutral acts as an unbiased facilitator in the dissolution process who empowers both spouses and establishes the foundation of financial information from which people can negotiate successfully while also reducing the length of that negotiation.

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