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Automatic Restraining Orders (ATROs)

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When a person files for dissolution (divorce), under Family Code Section 2040 California imposes standard (Automatic) Temporary Restraining Orders (“ATROs”).



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Jurisdiction is the right, power, or authority to determining controversies and issue orders that parties to the controversy must comply. In California, the superior courts are the lowest level of state courts in holding general jurisdiction on civil and criminal matters. Jurisdiction is divided into to categories, personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction.


Stock Options

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An Employer may offer stock options to an employee to attract a new employee, as compensation for future service, and/or as an incentive for an employee to stay with the company. A Stock option is an option to purchase a specific number of shares of employer’s stock at a particular price and time.


Date of Separation

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The date of marriage identifies when a marital relationship begins. The date of separation identifies the end of community created by the marriage and the time when property acquisitions by a spouse are considered to be separate property


Civil Conspiracy

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Agreement to commit a wrong (tort) against the plaintiff.


Pathways to Dissolution

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There are several procedural models or methods that may be used. The differences between each method relates to the involvement of an attorney and the court.


What is Community Property?

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California is a community property state. This means that a marriage or the registration of a domestic partnership makes two people into ONE legal Community.


Power of Attorney

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A power of attorney, or POA, allows a person to act on your behalf as your agent, or attorney-in-fact. A power of attorney is often used as an estate planning tool for when a person becomes incapacitated, but it has other purposes as well.


Guilty or No Contest?

Guilty or No Contest?
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A plea of guilty differs greatly from a plea of no contest, or nolo contendere. When a defendant pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, he or she is admitting the facts and the charge. When a person pleads no contest to a misdemeanor, he or she admits no guilt. Rather, a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor states that you are not guilty, but you agree to be treated as if you are guilty, and have the court determine the proper punishment.


Question of Law or Fact?

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When you engage with the court, it is important to understand the court's duty and responsibilities. Such an understanding will enable you to understand your job in court, whether represented by counsel or not, and how you may assist the court in performing its duties.